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50's Theme

Dances were typically referred to as Sock Hops in the 1950s. Poodle skirts, bobby socks, and saddle shoes are images of this era. Let The Good Times Roll was a popular song in the 50s and has been recovered many times. It has a downbeat that reflects the music of this era.


We are continuing our 50s Theme with the 2023 Convention colors of Black and Pink.


The convention will be held at the Marriott Madison West, 1313 John Q Hammons Dr, Madison, WI. Check the back of the registration form for other hotel and camping options available.

Current Registrations: 140 Adult 10 Youth 150 Total

  • 1 - ALABAMA
  • 9 + 2 - ILLINOIS
  • 2 - IOWA
  • 10 + 4 - MINNESOTA
  • 118 + 4 - WISCONSIN

Callers Registered: 14 Callers

Albright, Sharon
Asp, Bob
Burss, Jimmie
Freed, Brian
Irwin, Wayne

Johnson, Barry
Maiden, Bob
Manning, Tom
Nickel, Tom
Roberts, Jet

Sahlstrom, Dan
Schulz, Dave
Seurer, Mike
Wiggins, Dennis

Cuers Registered: 3 Cuers

Nickel, Kathy

Seurer, Mike

Steinich, Ray

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