63rd Wisconsin State Convention

Convention 2022 flyer

Western Theme

As a play on the song, "Back in the Saddle Again", this year's theme is "Back on the Dance Floor Again". We are set to return to the dance floor, and meet up in a square with all of our old and new friends.


We are continuing our Western Theme with the 2022 Convention colors of Turquoise, Coral, and Silver.


The convention will be held at the Central Wisconsin Convention and Expo Center in Rothschild, WI, just south of Wausau. All dancing will be under one roof! The Holiday Inn is attached to the convention center. Check the back of the registration form for other hotel and camping options available.

Current Registrations: 103 Adult 9 Youth

  • 7 - ILLINOIS
  • 2 - IOWA
  • 2 - MICHIGAN
  • 11 - MINNESOTA
  • 90 - WISCONSIN

Captured Ted Lizotte as Special Guest Caller for the 2022 Convention flyer

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