Getting to Know Ted Lizotte

Fun Fact About Ted:
"I ride a Harley Street Glide"

Ted and Shelly photoTed and his wife Shelly make their home in Manchester, New Hampshire. Ted originally learned how to square dance in 1988 and began calling that same year. His first decade calling was mostly spent performing with Paul Cote as “The DUO!” and they traveled extensively through the North East region of the US.

Ted currently calls for beginners through C1 and for the past 25 years has been the club caller for Tech Squares of MIT. In 2012, Ted began his journey as a recording artist on EGO recordings, and in 2017, branched out to his own label, becoming the owner/producer of Throw Back Tunes. He has also been a guest vocalist on Arrowhead Recordings and Royal Records.

Fun Fact About Ted:
"I’m an avid Video Game Player since the original Atari days"

Ted and Shelly photoIn early 2020, Ted earned his accredited Caller Coach designation from CALLERLAB (a designation currently only held by 31 active callers in the world) and as of 2021, serves on the Board of Governors and Executive Committee as its Vice Chairman. Ted is a recurring staff member of the GSI School and the Northeast Regional Callers School.

By day, Ted works as a WFM professional for a major insurance company and travels as much as his job allows.

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Fun Fact About Ted:
"I’m a huge Batman and Star Wars fan."

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